Dr Wills and his dedicated team strive to deliver Dental Care to the highest degree of technical standards with empathy and compassion.

Dr. Wills

Dr. Wills graduated from The Faculty of Dentistry University of Sydney in 1970. After returning from London in 1973, he established…Read More


You have broken a front tooth the day before your daughter’s wedding. In most cases a temporary crown would be fabricated to get…Read More

Full Oral Makeover

Where a patient (an ageing baby-boomer perhaps) has had years of on going repairs and patch-ups on their teeth, along with…Read More

Implant Dentistry

We are extremely proud of the efforts by our Implant Dentistry department. Our highly trained and dedicated Dentists are always…Read More


Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers placed by Dr Wills look great from the start and continue to do so after many years. Dr. Wills attends…Read More

Pain Free

Patients marvel at the painless delivery of Local Anaesthetic via “The Wand”. Dr Wills will not carry on with your treatment until you are…Read More